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We recommend 2-4 colours per arrangement. If you would like flowers in the same colours as in the photo, please state “as in the picture”
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Transform Your Space with the “UNICORN B” Paper Flower Set


Customization Options
  • Personalized Touch: Tailor your space with customized flower colors.
  • Additionally, enhance your display with a personalized Name Sign or add a Single Letter to your floral arrangement.
Easy Installation
  • Ready-Made Convenience: Effortlessly arrange flowers on the wall.
  • Moreover, instructions are provided by email if required.
  • Moreover, large flowers come equipped with hooks for hanging. You will only need to purchase map pins.
  • Dimensions: the approximate dimensions (width x height) are 100cm x 80cm
Premium Quality Craftsmanship
  • Sturdy Construction: Handcrafted using premium-quality cardstock for durability.
  • Custom Colorization: Choose from a variety of colors to match your decor.
  • Authentic Detailing: Similarly, leaf detailing adds authenticity to your arrangement.
Eco-Friendly and Sustainable
  • Sustainable Materials: Crafted from eco-friendly and sustainable materials.
  • Additionally, secure packaging ensures damage-free delivery to your doorstep.
  • Furthermore, its lightweight yet durable construction is perfect for hanging displays.
Lead Time and Care
  • Timely Delivery: The current lead time is 2-3 weeks.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Easy care instructions for long-lasting beauty.
  • In contrast, keep away from direct sunlight, damp conditions, or in reach of children.
  • Consequently, gentle dusting ensures cleanliness.
Complimentary UK Postage
  • Convenient Shipping: Enjoy free postage on orders within the UK.
  • As a result, our paper flowers combine beauty, sustainability, and versatility to bring joy to any space.
In conclusion:
  • Our products are backed by a satisfaction guarantee, as affirmed by our customers.
  • Thank you for choosing our “UNICORN B” paper flower set.

Lastly, please note that slight color variation may occur due to monitor settings; however, rest assured that flowers will be crafted as shown in the photo if specific colors are not selected.


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