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Dusky Blue Wonderland


We recommend 2-4 colours per arrangement. If you would like flowers in the same colours as in the photo, please state “as in the picture”
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Dusky Blue Wonderland – Dive Into the Ethereal Charm

This is our flower set “AMBER” from our wallflower collection – designed to add a touch of elegance to your space!


The approximate dimensions of this display are 110cm x 80cm and the largest flower diameter is ~20cm

Customization Options for Personalized Touch

Tailor your floral display with customized colors and additional accents (see attached image). Additionally, enhance your display with a personalized Name Sign or add a Single Letter to your floral arrangement.

Effortless Installation and Premium Craftsmanship

Ready-Made & Easy Setup:

Enjoy our nursery flowers with easy installation by pre-equipped hooks for hanging large flowers. Smaller pieces, like leaves and butterflies, are provided with double-sided foam tape. Moreover, instructions are provided by email if required.

Artisanal Quality for Lasting Beauty:

We meticulously handcraft each flower using premium-quality cardstock for durability and authenticity. We use thicker cardstock (200-270gsm) than other companies, ensuring our flowers maintain shape and offer increased durability.

Environmentally Conscious Design:

We are using environmentally friendly and sustainable materials to advocate for eco-conscious decorating options, thereby prioritizing environmental sustainability.

Lead Time and Shipping:

Expect your customized floral arrangement to arrive within 2-3 weeks.

Enjoy free postage on all UK orders.

Minimal Maintenance:

Easy care instructions for long-lasting beauty. In contrast, keep your paper flowers away from direct sunlight, damp conditions, or in reach of children. Consequently, gentle dusting ensures cleanliness.

Satisfaction Guarantee for Peace of Mind:

Rest assured that your satisfaction is our priority, backed by our commitment to quality and customer support.

In conclusion:

Our products are backed by a satisfaction guarantee, as consistently affirmed by our customers.

Thank you for choosing our paper flower set. Although we address numerous questions in the FAQ section, if you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to us here:

Lastly, please note that slight color variation may occur due to monitor settings; however, rest assured that flowers will be crafted as shown in the photo(dusky blue, ice-white pearl, and silver pearl) if specific colors are not selected!



black, wine, burgundy, cherry red, clarett, orange, scarlet red, tea green, mint, ocean green, lime, woodpecker green, emerald green, dark green, moss green, sage green, teal green, navy blue, midnight blue, ocean blue, baby blue, pastel blue, aquamarine, dusty blue, dark grey, storm grey, platinum pearl, silver pearl, pale grey, dark brown, antique gold pearl, light brown, caramel, golden yellow, mustard, daffodil yellow, pastel yellow, tan, salmon, peach, beige, cream, oyster shell, rose gold, rose gold matte, dusky pink, lavender, pale lilac, dark lilac, purple, violet, bubble gum, bright pink, wild rose, baby pink, flamingo pink, pastel pink, powder pink, ice white pearl

Color 1

Green, Red, Yellow


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