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Memory Frame


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Memory Frame – An Addition To Your Keepsake Collection

Enhance your memories with our keepsake frames, providing a personalized way to showcase treasured moments. Moreover, each frame transforms memories into timeless art, serving as a testament to their beauty.

Size: 20cm x 26cm

Clothing Requested:

For the memory frame, we require 1-2-3 clothing items or any offcuts if you have ordered another keepsake from us. Additionally, we can use almost any clothing. If you aren’t sure about what clothing is suitable for memory keepsakes, please check it out here

Crafting Expertise:

Crafted with care, we create beautiful pictures within the frame. Furthermore, every small piece, from appliques to buttons and ribbons, adds depth and meaning to the artwork. Thus, ensuring each frame tells a unique story. No two keepsakes are the same!

Lastly, please ensure to launder and provide fresh garments for crafting to avoid any stains or blemishes that may impact the final product!

Customization Requests:

In addition, we offer two short message options to be embroidered with the frame. Moreover, to make it even more personal, you can give your short message, and we’ll embroider it for you! Examples include: “Always loved – Never forgotten”, “When someone you love becomes a memory – the memory becomes a treasure”, and your personalised text.

Turnaround Time:

Relish in anticipation as we complete your keepsake within 5-6 weeks of receiving your clothing items. Furthermore, we recognize the sentimental value of your garments and handle each with the utmost care. Consequently, transforming them into cherished moments.

Craftmaster Boutique Commitment:

Choose Craftmaster Boutique to safeguard your memories. Furthermore, entrust us with preserving and celebrating the special moments and individuals dear to you. Entrust our adept artisans to materialize your imagination. Craft personalized marvels where every stitch weaves your cherished memories into an unparalleled masterpiece, destined to be cherished for generations.

If you have any questions about our keepsakes, please contact us.


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